As you many know picking out a promotional product isn’t an easy task. Some promotional products suck while others will be a great ROI. You just got to know which ones will work for your company or not.

The ones that suck…

Not useful

Promotional products that are not useful SUCK for your business. If they aren’t going to be useful for your end-users then they aren’t going to be useful for you. Just picture your promotional products in the trash bin along with the money you invested in them.

Too cheap

Cheap promotional products suck too. If you get to cheap of promotional products your product quality will be unacceptable. For instance, if you get cheap pens where the ink cartridge isn’t good which makes the pen not write well. Well then, we’re back to the 1st reason why promotional products suck because they’re not useful. Don’t waste your money on cheap promotional products that don’t work.


The ones that don’t suck…


We all know useful promotional products are your best ROI and will give you the most impressions. Picking out useful promotional products will go a long way for your company. Don’t be one of those company’s that are dumping their promotional products in the trash bin. Also, products of dual purpose are a great pick for your promotional product needs. Dual purpose items means more useful.

Of good quality

Good quality products last longer. Which means the longer they are useful and the longer they will be used. And what does that mean for you? More impressions.


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