It’s a huge mistake to be overlooking promotional products as part of your advertising campaign. Some businesses just aren’t knowledgeable of the benefits promotional products can provide for their company. That’s why it’s important to educate yourself on the importance of promotional products.

It’s an expense

Many companies see promotional products as a huge expense. And not as an investment. Did you know that promotional products are 100% write-off on your business tax return? In most cases, you can deduct all advertising expenses that are related to marketing your business. So why not put aside a budget for some promotional products?

Promotional products are a 100% write-off on your business tax return  
Promotinal products business expense


Don’t feel the need

I’m guessing most businesses that don’t invest in promotional products don’t feel the need. That means they feel their business is thriving regardless of spending money on promotional products or not. But, imagine what promotional products can do for your business and the reach it can extend to that maybe your marketing campaign cannot. This is why many times promotional products are overlooked. A huge advertising mistake.

Your mistake is you’re not establishing your brand as you should. Establishing a brand is one of the main reasons businesses thrive today.

Don’t understand the benefits

As mentioned above, businesses that don’t use promotional products may not understand the benefits. The benefits of branding, opening the door for communication, lead generation, and exposure. All key points to why you should use promotional products for your business. And maybe it’s not that they don’t understand but they don’t feel the need to advertise with promotional giveaways.

They don’t feel they’re useful

Like Wendy Hanophy over at Alignable asking if promotional products increase business referrals. She feels that promotional products “truly don’t add value to their lives” meaning her clients’ lives.

Do promotional products increase business referrals?  
Some of the responses were astonishing in my opinion. Like saying promotional products don’t work for small businesses and that most swag gets trashed. But maybe it’s the fact that you’re not choosing the right promotional products for your business and your clients.

Promotional products are useful

I have a realtor stop by my house once every couple of months that has left a real sturdy fridge magnet with his business details on it. It has a dual purpose it is a magnet with a clip on it. Because it is so sturdy and the magnet is so strong it is one of my favorite refrigerator magnets. Plus it serves its dual purpose with the clip to hold up my important papers.

I’m always reminded of him and his business every time I use and/or see the magnet. And to be honest, would more than likely do business with him if I were ever to need a realtor. For one it has opened the door for communication between me and the realtor and two it is a constant reminder of this person and his “small” business. If promotional products didn’t work for small businesses then why do so many realtors pass them out? This is a very good example of why promotional products should not be overlooked.

Conclusion, as you can see the reasons why promotional products are overlooked are poor. And just not thought out. It’s the fact that the effort is not there or the thought of leaving well enough alone. Because of this, businesses that don’t use promotional products, in my opinion, don’t want to grow and are happy with their current situation. Really there’s no other excuse. If you have the budget, it’s 100% write-off, and it expands your reach to people you might not otherwise connect with…then why not?

Honestly, it’s like saying I don’t want to send my client a catalog of my products because it’s just going to end up in the trash. Have pride in your business and people will see that and want to do business with you. Investing in your business is showing you have pride. And one of the ways of doing this is by handing out promotional products. That’s why promotional products should not be overlooked.

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