Want to know why Google Alerts suck? I was actually excited to find some good uses out of Google Alerts. But instead, it left me wanting more and I ended up being really disappointed.

Doesn’t Deliver Results

First, Google Alerts wasn’t delivering all the results that I was looking for during my SEO campaign. It was only giving me results of maybe keywords that were in the SEO title or the meta description. But, definitely not going further than that. I actually wanted to find keywords that were mentioned in an article. Not necessarily in the title or description of the article. So let’s face it Google Alerts was not delivering.

Redirects to Porn Sites

Yep, you heard me correctly. Many of the links don’t work or are redirected to unwanted sites, like porn. This was actually shocking to learn about when I first came across these porn sites. Google really needs to step up the game when it comes to Google Alerts.

What is an Alternative?

I was able to find an alternative. The one I’m using right now is Talkwalker and I’m loving it. They’re trying to keep Talkwalker Alerts free forever. Talkwalker is delivering the results I need to continue on with my SEO campaign. I’ve already accomplished one link exchange out of fifteen contacts that I connected with because of Talkwalker.

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