An SEO title for your blog post is far more important than you might think. It’s the first thing a user sees when browsing the internet. These words must be chosen carefully so that they entice the user to click through to your blog. Otherwise, you’re missing out on a big SEO factor when it comes to optimizing your blog post.

SEO Title in Google Search

See how these title tags stand out on Google Search? Being that it’s the first thing the user sees you’ll want to put some effort and thought into your title. Someways you can choose strong blog titles are by looking at magazines and their headlines. This will help you when choosing titles that will convert users into visitors. They even have some awesome title generators out there to help you pick the best title for your blog post.

Include Your Keyphrase

They say to include your keyphrase at the beginning of the title. Like mine for this post begins with “SEO Title” my keyphrase for this particular article. Although, I may disagree with this concept. Of course, if you see in Google Search all the titles beginning with the same keyphrase. You’re just not going to stand out from the rest.

You’ll need to do a little homework and find out where your link will land on Google Search. Will it land in a bunch of links with duplicate SEO titles or is it safe to include the keyphrase and the beginning of your title? These are all things you’ll need to consider when choosing your ultimate title tag.

Duplicate SEO Titles in Google Search

You see how that can be a bit redundant? Now if there was another blog post in there that had a different title that didn’t begin with “What is SEO” then I might be more likely to click on it. Like something I just generated using the title generator mentioned above: The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know About SEO. OR another example would be: Want More Backlinks? What is SEO and How it Can Help you Rank Online? I’d probably pick the second one over the first because one it’s more engaging and two it has the keyphrase “What is SEO” in it.

Avoiding Stop Words

If you can eliminate stop words in your SEO title that’s great, but if not well then it’s not a big deal. Again, we want the title to be enticing to the user so that they click on your link. If eliminating stop words make your title sound less appealing than don’t do it, just try to cut down on them as much as possible.

Google knows when to ignore stop words and what keywords really matter when it comes to your title. Here is a comprehensive list of words ignored by search engines. You do however want as many keyphrases in your title as possible. And include a synonym if feasible.

Title Length

Your title tags should be anywhere between 50-60 characters in length. Otherwise, you risk Google cutting off your title and that’s the last thing you want your users to see. Try to keep your title within the 50-60 characters length to avoid this case scenario (…) like shown below.

Title Cut Off in Google Search  

Titles & Branding

Although it sounds good to be able to brand your SEO title, it’s really not all that necessary. It’s more important to come up with a catchy title including your keyphrase than it is to brand your title. Your link on Google Search is already branded when you look at the URL right underneath the title. Unless of course, your title is short and to the point then by all means brand away. Otherwise, it’s better to optimize your title than brand it.

SEO Title and Branding  

Conclusion, your SEO title tag may be the most important aspect of SEO. Why? Because it’s the first thing a user is going to see on Google Search. Google analyzes this data with what is known as click-through-rate (CTR). If users are clicking through to your site and converting to visitors then this signals Google. It tells Google hey the user thinks there’s something on this blog post worth reading let’s rank it higher. Unfortunately, your title tag and CTR are just the beginning of SEO, but very important factors when it comes to ranking online.

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