Although not as important as the SEO title or title tag, a meta description does have some power. It’s the second attempt to entice users to click on your blog post in Google Search. That’s why it’s so very important. But, if you’re anything like me…I don’t read the meta descriptions. It’s the title tag that gets me to click through. But hey that’s just me. And I hate admitting it on here, but it’s the truth.

So what power does the meta tag description have? It’s a great way to throw in some synonyms of your keyphrase if you didn’t have enough room in your SEO title to do so. And it’s a good place to put a description of what your article is all about. The more you can tell the user and Google the better understanding they will have about your article. If you don’t display a meta description then Google will display a relevant part of your post to show in the search results.


Google’s meta description length is 120-158 characters. A much better place to describe your blog post. Especially in comparison to the SEO title tag which is about 50-60 characters in length.

Make sure to put the most important text at the beginning of the description as advised by Spotibo. And keep it at a maximum of 120 characters to fit all the search engines, mobile devices, and social media.

Meta Description Length  


A meta description should include a call-to-action. Here are some call-to-action phrases that will convert. A call-to-action will help entice users to click-through to your blog post. The more you can encourage users to click-through the better for your search engine rankings.

Conclusion, make sure to include an actionable meta description in your blog post article to encourage users to click-through to your blog. Remember this is your second attempt so make sure to use those 120 characters to your advantage.

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