What is link exchange? It’s basically exchanging favors. If I put a backlink on my website promoting yours, then you put a backlink on your website promoting mine. We (both parties) agree that each other will return the favor.

So I’ve been building backlinks using my favorite method and had someone contact me back asking for a link exchange.

I’d never done a link exchange before.

I was currently showing up on page 19 of Google for promotional products and on page 29 of Google for promotional items as of June 24, 2019.

My link exchange took place on the evening of June 27th and was finalized the morning of June 28th.

By July 5, 2019 I started showing up page 7 of Google for both search terms. A huge jump from averaging a 20ish page ranking earlier.

How’d I do it…

I left a blog comment on an article that had mentioned promotional items.

SEO Campaign Blog Comment

I then received an email back saying…

SEO Campaign Blog Comment Return Email  
Of course, I was more than willing to do an exchange and we began exchanging links that evening.

About a week later I noticed a dramatic increase in my ranking on Google for both keyphrases, promotional products and promotional items.

Promotional Products - Page 7 of Google  
Promotional Items - Page 7 of Google  
Of course, now I’m teetering back in forth on pages but mainly average a page 8 ranking on Google.

But, this goes to show you that link exchanges do make a difference when ranking on Google.

What are your thoughts on link exchanges?

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