What is co-branding? Co-branding is where you take a brand name item like MoMA, Waterford, or Fred & Friends and put your company logo along with it. Or even a brand name shirt like Nike or Addidas and silk-screen or embroider your logo. This is co-branding. It happens to be a marketing strategy of multiple brand names jointly used on a single product or service.

Co-branding is a great way to send out promotional products to your prospects. Why? Because brand name products are perceived high in value. And as an end-user, you’ll be more than thrilled to receive a well-known brand to use.

Branding with other brand name products will set you apart from your competition who is just simply sending out promotional giveaways. But, when you co-brand a product you stand out from the rest. Your end-users will be wanting more and more of your promotional products and better yet they’ll be using your promotional products. By using your products you’ll be creating a numerous about of impressions getting your brand name out there.

By jointly branding your company logo with other brands you’ll be easily remembered. And having a product with a brand name that is easily remembered will only help you advertise your business.

Co-Branding Promotional Products: Easily Remembered + Perceived High in Value + More Likely to be Used + Stand Out from the Rest = More Impressions

Conclusion, spending a little bit more on your budget may go a long way. Especially if you can find a good brand name product to co-brand with. Because as you can see co-branding goes a long way when it comes to your custom branded promotional products. Why not go all out to make sure you’re getting a good amount of impressions out of your promotional products? Because co-branding will do exactly that and more with your advertising campaign.

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