Interested in advertising your company’s brand in 2019? Well, in this article I’ve provided 5 proven strategies to advertise your brand. Here we’ll explore many ways to get your brand to stand out from the competition. And find out how Google perceives brands in their algorithm. Know that advertising your brand ties in with your SEO campaign and more.

Brand Signals

First, we’ll explore why starting a brand is important in 2019 for your online advertisement. Even Google has suggested that having a brand is one of their 200 ranking factors to their algorithm. Just check out brand signals in their complete list of ranking factors. There are 11 out of 200 factors related to brand signal factors.

Brand Name Anchor Text & Mentions

Having your brand name or company name in anchor text is now a ranking factor on Google. Because people are searching for brands and linking out to brands. If users are linking out to you as a brand you know you’ve set up a good strong business that is well-known or will become well-known.

Many brands get mentioned without getting linked to. Google likely looks at non-hyperlinked brand mentions as a brand signal too. Know that any time your brand gets mentioned this is a signal to Google.

Branded Searches

Users search for brands and if users are searching for your brand specifically then this is another Google ranking factor. It indicates that your site is a real brand just by having users search for it online.

Are users searching for a specific keyword along with your brand? (For example: Lindero Brands Promotional Products or Lindero Brands Corporate Gifts) Know that if you are getting searches with your keywords Google may give your rankings a boost when users search for the non-branded version of that keyword.

Social Media Ranking Factors

Brands tend to have social media accounts with a lot of likes and followers. This signals a popular brand. And most real businesses have a company LinkedIn page. You should at least have the following social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

“Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results.” – Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Brick and Mortar Location

Real businesses have offices. It’s possible that Google fishes for location-data to determine whether or not a site is a big brand. This is why your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is so important when entering citations online.


So how, can you get your brand out there and make sure you’re hitting all these ranking factors with Google? Here are my 4 proven strategies to advertise your company’s brand in 2019.

1. Google My Business

First things first, tell Google that your business exists by setting up a Google My Business listing. That way when users do type in your brand your Google listing will be the first thing they see.

Lindero Brands - Google My Business Listing
Lindero Brands – Google My Business Listing
By telling Google that you exist is the first step to establishing your brand online.

Make sure to provide as much details about your brand as possible, including photos of your business. The more information you provide Google the more Google will know about your brand and be able to rank you on the search engines.

Always keep your Google My Business listing up-to-date with answers to questions that users might have. And responding to both negative and positive reviews. Having reviews for your business or brand is another ranking factor that you should take into consideration for your online presence.

Google My Business now even has a way for you to communicate more so with your users. And that’s by adding a post. There are three post examples: an event, an offer, and news. With these three posts types, you can now keep your Google My Business listing fresh and up-to-date. A great feature that users will love about your brand.

Coca-Cola Google My Business Listing
Coca-Cola Google My Business Listing

See how Coca-Cola set its brand apart using their Google My Business listing. Using as many photos about coca-cola as they possibly could. Taking advantage of the use of their photos. See even these big brands have Google My Business listings, as you should too.

2. Creating a Logo for your Brand

Creating a logo for your brand should also be one of the first things you do for your company. And you’ll want different variations of your logo too. So that it can work in different spaces online and offline. For example, you’ll want to develop a circular logo for social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. And a square one for online directories like Yelp and Yellow Pages.

Check out these 35 famous square logo from big brands to give you ideas when working with a square space.

Square Logos from Big Brands
Square Logos from Big Brands

Or these 35 circle logos from big brands.

Circle Logos from Big Brands
Circle Logos from Big Brands

Creating a different look for the space your working with is fine but just make sure to stay consistent online so that people begin to recognize your brand.

If you need help creating your logo as I did. Then you can check out some great online logo designers like 99designs. Here you can hold a contest to choose the best logo design from their global community of professional designers. Here is a list of the best logo design contest sites that you can choose from.

Have fun with your logo and make sure it stands out from your competition. Put it on everything and anything online. Like your social media accounts, Google My Business listing, and online directories.

Don’t be afraid if your logo changes over time. Big corporations like Starbucks and Mountain Dew have had their logos change over time too. Just take a look…

Starbucks Illustrated History Cups
Starbucks Illustrated History Cups
Mountain Dew Brand History
Mountain Dew Brand History

3. Social Media

Now that you have a logo and a Google My Business listing you’ll want to grab up those social media accounts. You can check for your username “brand name” availability over at KnowEm. Username Availability Username Availability

Over at KnowEm you can search over 500 popular social networks to make sure your username is available. Make sure to grab all these up as soon as possible. Having a consistent username across your social media platforms will help users recognize your brand online.

Along with grabbing your social media usernames or handles you’ll want to make sure your branding these accounts as well. Use your logo you created and put it all across your social media platforms. See how The Home Depot stays consistent across their social media accounts and has grabbed the username @homedepot to establish their brand?

Home Depot Facebook Page
Facebook Page – Home Depot
Home Depot Twitter Page
Twitter Page – Home Depot
Home Depot Instagram Page
Instagram Page – Home Depot

4. Promotional Products

Promotional products are a great way for advertising your brand in 2019. They can be used for small start-up businesses to large corporations just like The Home Depot. Just check out some of the promotional products they have.

See how they have a stacked logo to cover the imprint areas height and a linear logo for imprint areas long in width? Utilizing your promotional products imprint area correctly is important for your branding to maximize your logo across the item. And see how all these items have large imprint areas. Having a large imprint area is ideal for showing off your company logo.

Promotional Products - Home Depot
Promotional Products – Home Depot

Another way to show off your company’s brand is by sticking with the colors you choose for your company logo. Like sticking with the color orange for The Home Depot logo. See how it works for them? Therefore, any time people see this color their mind will go directly to thinking about The Home Depot. You can always check with your promotional product supplier about customizing your promotional products to fit your brand.

5. Events

Hold company events to show off your companies brand and make sure you include your promotional products at these events. You’ll also want to maximize engagement at your events to even more so promote your brand. Here are 20 important tips to maximize millennial engagement at your events that you should follow. Check out #19 where it says don’t forget the free stuff: swag-bags aka goodie bags.

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