What are corporate gifts? Corporate gifts are gifts that are handed out from the corporate office usually during the holidays. Sometimes they are even handed out for a special occasion or just to say thank you. Corporate gifts can either be handed out to clients or to employees to show appreciation. When done effectively it’s a great way to enforce communication for both employees and clients. And let’s not forget about our vendors, too.

Corporate Gifts for Employees

For employees, corporate gifts may be given for employee loyalty, employee recognition, appreciation or encouragement within the company. Some examples of employee loyalty would be a service award for 5 years of service or 10 years of service.

I’ll tell you about a time I worked at a promotional product company. We were showing appreciation to the Customer Service Department by giving them a corporate gift of a fish tank with a cute little betta fish.

Umbra Fish Hotel in White
Umbra Fish Hotel in White

The Customer Service Representatives were able to keep them on their desk as their office pet. It was fun to see how happy it made the Customer Service Reps. And even more exciting when trying to figure out names for their pet fish. What a great way to get the department motivated and bring them closer together. Corporate gifts are a great communication strategy when executed correctly.

Corporate Gifts for Clients

For clients, corporate gifts may be given to say thank you. It is a very effective marketing tool which can be used for product promotion and marketing communication. What a great way to open the doors for communication by providing a corporate gift to your client.

My idea of corporate gifts is to use a mailing list of all your clients. And send out each corporate gift individually, unless of course they are local and it can be hand delivered. Then have your sales team follow up with a phone call thanking their clients and opening the doors for communication about our services and products.

Corporate Gifts for Vendors

Why not show your appreciation to your vendors. And all that hard work they’ve done to help grow your business. Invite them out for lunch and present them with a corporate gift. Find out more about each other and the business opportunities that surface. Again, it’s a great communication tool to find out how we can better serve each other.

Remember Brand Your Gifts

Now, don’t forget to go ahead and have these corporate gifts decorated with your company name. You wouldn’t be sending out these gifts effectively if that were the case. Remember to brand your gifts so they make an impression on the receiver and those that see it. Some great corporate gifts would be keychains, pens, mugs, t-shirts, or picture frames to name a few. Some of the best corporate gifts you can hand out are promotional gifts. Here are the best promotional gifts in the last year that were searched on Google.

Remember every opportunity you get you should be putting your company name on a gift or advertising item. That way you’re representing your brand and there’s no question where the corporate gift came from. And trust me, you’ll want them to remember.


Want to know the effectiveness of corporate gifts? IGO-Post put together this terrific infographic explaining it in great detail. PPAI research has found that 62% of corporate gifts are to be reasonably effective. Where 72% of the corporate gifts are used either always, often, or sometimes. And promotional products was the chosen advertising medium that created maximum impact for a brand, product, or service. Even more so than online marketing, print advertising, or direct mail.

The effectiveness of corporate gifts
The effectiveness of corporate gifts

And it must be effective as last year more companies were giving gifts during the holiday season. ASI’s nationwide survey said 42% of companies would be rewarding employees and 37% showing client appreciation (up 5% from the previous year). The main reasons they give gifts to clients/prospects is to express appreciation and help develop relationships. Other reasons were to generate company goodwill, increase company awareness, obtain a referral, generate a lead and obtain a sale.

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