Ever wonder what the top promotional products are in the advertising specialty industry? I decided to do some research to determine which are the most popular three promotional products according to Google Search. And what I mean about Google Search is by using the Google Keyword Planner tool. This tool will tell us the average number of searches performed per month.

My findings are based on the last twelve months, April 2018 to March 2019. And the search had to begin with the word “promotional”. The top three had an average monthly search according to Google Keyword Planner of 1K-10K searches. Please note these three promotional products are in no particular order. And with that being said the top three promotional products are…

1. Promotional Pens

If I had to say which one had the furthest lead, I’d have to go with promotional pens. Because there were much more searches performed other than the keywords promotional pens. Such as custom pens with a whopping 10K-100K searches per month. But then again that’s such a wide range, 11,000 versus 99,000 searches is a big difference.

2. Promotional Bags

As far as promotional bags, I would say that it was tied with promotional sunglasses. Promotional pens definitely took the lead when you considered other keyword alternatives.

3. Promotional Sunglasses

This was the shocker in my opinion. I was thinking more like keyholders, but believe it or not more people search for the keyphrase keychains over keyholders. But no, promotional sunglasses was up there as one of the top three promotional products searched for on Google.

Additional Research…

Taking it a step further, I decided to use Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest tool. To further prove the order of the top three is correct and to add an additional two more to the list for a top five promotional products list. The next two actually came in tied, so again this list is in no particular order.

Come to find out I was correct about the above order. Promotional pens had an average of 5,400 Google searches performed per month. While promotional bags had 1,300 and promotional sunglasses had 1,000 monthly searches. Promotional keychains and promotional water bottles tie at 880 Google searches per month.

4. Promotional Keychains

5. Promotional Water Bottles

Was this top five what you expected or are you a little surprised by the results? And after seeing these results which promotional product do you plan on advertising the most?

Top Promotional Products According to Google Search  
Interestingly enough every single one of them had a dip in their number of searches for the month of November and December. It’s surprising because this is considered the peak time for the advertising specialty industry.

Promotional Pens Number of Google Searches
Promotional Pens – Number of Google Searches

Now I decided to do the exact same thing but this time the search had to begin with the word “custom”. The results are astonishingly different than that of the promotional products listed above. Now depending on what products you sell, you might want to rethink your marketing strategy and what keywords you plan on targeting. To be honest, I was kind of bummed out to see the lower numbers for the first search. But now see a glimpse of what it can be like just with the change of a word. So if you think people are searching using the term “promotional” for their promotional product needs, you’re wrong. Think again.

1. Custom T Shirts & Custom Tee Shirts

2. Custom Mugs & Custom Coffee Mugs

3. Custom Hats

4. Custom Keychains

5. Custom Pens

Top Custom Products According to Google Search

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