Entry Level DIY Screen Printing Press

Purchasing a t-shirt screen printing machine? If you’re new to the industry and just starting up your shop as a hobby or an entry-level screen printer then you’ll want to watch your budget. If that’s the case then I have only one option for you when purchasing a screen printing machine. That’s the VEVOR screen printing machine.

This machine has one station and is capable of running a four color imprint on t-shirts. It is the perfect screen printing machine to purchase if you are just starting up and running your own screen printing shop. This screen printing press can be used on any other products that need flat printing. If you do not plan on having employees and want to DIY (do-it-yourself) then this is the perfect setup for you to buy as a beginner. This screen printing machine does not have a support foot so it will need to be placed on a sturdy table for screen printing.

Beginner Shop Screen Printing Press

If you plan on opening up shop and hiring employees to manage your screen printing press then I highly recommend stepping it up a bit. And what I mean is by purchasing a six-color, six-station screen printing machine press. The reason I suggest this machine is because you can print more than four colors on a t-shirt, for example, a four-color design on a dark shirt you’ll actually need a machine that can accommodate five colors. So that you can include the white under base. Something to keep in mind when purchasing a screen printing machine.

If you plan on moving forward setting up shop be sure to check out our article, Everything You Need For T-Shirt Screen Printing, All On Amazon. This post will help you get everything you need to set up shop and more.

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