Have you ever analyzed another blog for SEO? You’ll find that their sidebars are usually cluttered with categories, most recent blog posts, and most recent comments. Actually, I’m finding that a lot of blogs are turning off commenting. Probably due to all the spam comments that a blog receives. But what you most likely won’t find is a blog’s cornerstone content in the sidebar.

It’s important to realize that all these links in your sidebar are getting backlinks from every one of your blog posts. Just think about your sidebar for a second. Do you have a sidebar that is constantly changing it’s “recent blog posts” and “recent comments”? Well then your not using your sidebar the way that you should be using it.

If you link to your cornerstone content this would be a much better choice for your SEO. Why? Because all of your blog posts that are receiving backlinks will be sending some of that link juice to your cornerstone content. Building up value to these articles over time. A huge plus to be ranking your cornerstone content.

Check out my sidebar, for instance, see how I have my cornerstone content? Right now I have two cornerstone articles. One about corporate gifts and one about promotional products under the helpful guides heading. Since I’m not selling a service, I also decided to link to my top promotional products categories using their keywords. You’ll see them under the promotional products heading.

The only thing changing about these two links is the content inside each article to keep it fresh and not stale. What a great way to be able to optimize your cornerstone content and convert those users into clients.

If you don’t believe me, just check out Neil Patel’s blog. He doesn’t even show categories in his sidebar. Just his main cornerstone content articles about SEO and online marketing. It all makes sense, doesn’t it?

Do you have cornerstone content? And what’s currently residing in your blog’s sidebar?

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