I’m sure Google meant for anybody to be able to do SEO. Don’t you think? So why is there so much SEO fluff that makes this all difficult? It really isn’t about the fluff if you think about it.

Does it matter if I write a 3000+ word blog post or if I write a 200-300 word blog post? What really matters is what the users think? Not necessarily what Google thinks.

I think really it all comes down to a popularity contest. If your blog’s more popular than so-and-so’s blog and you generate more backlinks to your blog then you’ll rank better.

I mean just look at Matt Cutt’s blog. Don’t you think he’s trying to tell us something? That maybe you can write about anything, anybody can do this and rank on Google. So why is it we’ve analyzed SEO to death making it more difficult than it really has to be?

Why can’t I blog about my Halloween experience on my promotional products blog? I think more people would be interested to read about me then about promotional products. Plus, that’s what everybody else is doing, writing about keywords in their industry. But, I’ve decided to take a different approach. An approach, where I can write about anything my heart desires and not worry about all that SEO fluff. Right?

And if you take a further look at Matt Cutt’s blog you’ll notice he doesn’t have a set number of words he has to reach on each blog post either. For instance, his Halloween post it has a 162 word count, see how much he cares about all this SEO fluff? I wonder how many backlinks he generated from that blog post alone?

So what does matter? What matters is generating content, content that users want to read and engage with (not so much about promotional products, right?), and then getting backlinks to your blog posts. I think really that’s all we need to concentrate on instead of all this SEO fluff.

What are your thoughts?

Elyssa McGregor

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