Have a summer event you need to plan? You’ll need to start planning now so your order doesn’t become another rush order in the promotional advertising industry.

So, I guess you’re asking yourself what are some of the best promotional products for your summer event? Well, I can think of four off the top of my head: hats, t-shirts, sunglasses, and water bottles. Those four categories are some of the most sought out promotional products on Google.

These four are going to be the most used at any summer event. So they are a good choice for your company.

Custom Hats

Because we all need to keep that summer sun off our heads and faces. And what a great way to advertise your business logo by providing your company with custom hats. Custom hats can be worn to the summer event or passed out at the event itself.

Custom T-shirts

If you can afford it go with some custom hats and custom t-shirts for your event. What better way to have an event then everybody wearing your custom hats and t-shirts. You could even get some corporate apparel like embroidered polos for managers and executive officers.

Custom Sunglasses

Who knew these would be such a big hit. Did you know that out of the top promotional items searched for on Google, custom sunglasses come in third? Even though these don’t have a big imprint area they would be a big hit at your event.

Custom Water Bottles

And for that hot weather, a good idea would be to have some custom water bottles to cool off your summer guests. Especially if you’re holding an outdoor event.

If you haven’t thought of where to hold your outdoor event, then check out 7 of the best corporate summer event ideas that will take advantage of the summer weather. And to keep things interesting here are 11 company party games that I found online for you.

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