I was more than excited to receive our promotional products order for some custom USB drives. I quoted several options but one stuck out the most when it came down to making our final decision. Here are some of the choices we had to decide from for production.

We decided the removable cap was not an option when it came to making our decision. The reason being was fear of losing the cap. Plus the elongated style USB drives weren’t the best option for the logo we were working with. As it would not utilize the majority of the imprint area as we’d like.

Paper Proof

We sent the artwork over to our supplier and waited for their digital proof. The first digital proof came over not as expected. So we had to mock up the digital proof to our liking and send it over to our supplier. Here are the photos transitioning from the first digital proof to the last digital proof for the custom USB drives.

Fitzgerald Equipment Logo

Custom USB Drives Digital Proof
1st and 2nd digital proof

Sample Approval

Thankfully with our supplier, they provide a second proof, an actual pre-production sample. So we were able to see it a 2nd time before approving the order for production. They even included a video. The one you see as the featured image of this article. Here is the image of the actual pre-production sample. It turned out great! It even includes a little ring for the option to attach to your keyrings.

Pre-production sample image  
Our client was beyond thrilled with the way this project turned out. These retractable USB drives were the perfect fit for their material handling industry.

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