So, I’ve been trying to monetize this blog to make money online, but as you know there’s not a lot of money to be made with Google AdSense.

For instance, I’ve been blogging since I’m guessing May of 2018 and I have over 115+ blog posts. But, I’ve only made $72.41 with Google AdSense. I haven’t even reached the $100 threshold needed to get paid by Google. Although, I am getting closer.

So it’s been a year let’s say. In a year I’ve had 42,368 page views and have made $72.41 with Google AdSense. Now, don’t laugh. 🙂

Neil Patel generates 4,362,165 monthly sessions according to his last blog post.

Neil Patel's Monthly Visitors
Neil Patel’s Monthly Visitors

So, if he were to install Google AdSense on his blog and based on my estimates with my blog. And estimating that he had one page view per visitor. He would probably make around $7,500.00 a month. But let’s say he had 10 page views per visitor, he would be making $75,000.00 per month. Interesting. So why doesn’t Neil Patel use Google AdSense?

[youtube video=”oafFXuOygJM”]  
Neil Patel hates Google AdSense, but not really. He just doesn’t like the fact that he’s making money off Google’s ads when Google is making the brunt of the money. When he should be selling his own serivces, which he does and why he avoids Google AdSense. And keeping users on his website to sell his services. Which all makes sense. But, wow! Wouldn’t it be nice to be making $75,000.00/month based on people visiting your blog alone? To be Neil Patel.

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