What is the most effective promotional giveaway? Well, really it all depends on the industry that your business is in and your marketing budget.

We actually just did some research about the most popular promotional products according to Google Search. That will help give you an idea about what other companies are searching for on the internet. By far, one of the most effective promotional giveaways would be custom t-shirts. But, then again does that fit your company’s budget? A cheaper alternative would be to go with custom pens.

You’ll want something that will make an impression and be useful for the end-recipient rather than just being another product that will be discarded. Check out ASI’s promo products that make an impression study. See how clothing, hats, pens, and bags make more impressions than any other promotional product item?

Promo Products Make an Impression
Promo Products Make an Impression

It depends on your niche

If your niche is real estate, then I would say your most effective promotional giveaway would be custom keychains. For, instance search our line for house keychains that would fit your real estate niche.

So, think about what your niche is and what promotional product would do well for that particular niche. You really can’t go wrong with the following categories: t-shirts, bags, keychains, pens, mugs, and hats. These promotional products are all useable products and would do well for any type of business.

It depends on your budget

If your budget is on the higher end and you can afford a t-shirt to giveaway, then I would definitely consider this route. T-shirts by far would be the most effective promotional giveaway because let’s face it, it’s walking advertisement. And it gets your message or business logo right in front of people. And will more than likely not end up in the trash can.

Co-branding may be the way to go

Now, if it’s really in your budget you can find some way cool promotional products of popular brands. Like if you’re in New York you could co-brand with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and their line of promotional products. But, these could be considered more like corporate gifts instead of a promotional giveaway.

How long will the end-recipient keep this product?

You may want to consider this when picking out your promotional giveaway for your company. Many promotional products may end up in the trash bin, definitely where you don’t want yours to end up. Taking that into consideration, take a look at ASI’s chart showing you the number of months promotional items are kept.

Number of Months Promotional Items are Kept
Number of Months Promotional Items are Kept

So to answer your question as to which promotional giveaway is most effective I would definitely say custom t-shirts. You’ll get more impressions and more use out of this product than any other promotional product out there. Probably one of the reasons why it is the most sought promotional product on the internet.

What have you found to be the most effective promotional product for your business?

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