They say that you have to have high-quality content to rank or get backlinks from other web sources. But, that’s just not true. Low-quality content can get backlinks too with the right keywords. I’ve actually done it before. Of course, you’ll probably be lacking in other areas like social shares and likes. And of course traffic. But if all you’re after is some backlinks to your blog post then low-quality content works too.

I’ve tested it out over at and have seen it for myself. I created low-quality blog posts targeting low competition keywords and have received backlinks for this content. I did, however, add a custom image or GIF file that was the main reason why I got the backlink. But it was those low competition keywords that got me there too.

GIF Image Backlink  
I bet it’s really frustrating when you write high-quality content, index it with Google, share it on social media and then nothing happens. Such a downer. And so much effort put into it that it’s almost not even worth it. Hate to be the bearer of bad news. But this is what a lot of bloggers experience nowadays because there is so much content on the world wide web. The competition is fierce.

This is why I say not to follow what everybody else is doing. Like in the promotional advertising industry, for instance, everybody is writing about guess what? Promotional products. Can you imagine all the content out there about promotional products? And who wants to read about that? I mean does your content have to be industry-specific? I think not, just take a look at Matt Cutt’s blog who writes about his Halloween costumes. A blog you would expect to read about Google and SEO.

And who is to say if you write a 200-300 word blog post you’re not going to do well? You could do very well actually. Especially if you’re concentrating on going after those low competition keywords on a subject that you like to talk about. Again, doesn’t have to necessarily be industry-specific.

That’s what I plan on doing with this blog. Making it more personal instead of so static and dry, basically no personality. But, back to low-quality content, backlinks, and low competition keywords. There still are some low competition keywords out there. Like for GIF images if you do a search in Google Keyword Planner you’ll find a load of low competition keywords. That’s because nobody’s competing for these keywords. A great topic to talk about on a blog and get some backlinks if you like to talk about GIF images.

GIF Images Google Keyword Planner  
I hope that you’ll follow me and my journey on writing low-quality content (haha) and non-industry-specific articles. And we’ll just see where this goes.

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