Be sure to check out some of our promotional products with large imprint areas. This will give you somewhat of an idea as to why large imprint areas are ideal. Just by seeing some of our items that have large imprint areas.

So, why do you think large imprint areas are ideal for promotional products? Well, for one thing, your logo will stand out from afar. Isn’t this what you want? Your logo to stand out. This is the main reason why large imprint areas are ideal for promotional products.

This is the reason why we get asked to maximize the imprint area when decorating on our promotional products. It happens to be a common statement you’ll see on a purchase order for the promotional product industry.

There are many different types of products that have large imprint areas. They would be t-shirts, mugs, bags, hats, and luggage tags to name a few. The first four in this list happen to be some of the most popular promotional products searched for on Google.

Think About Your Logo

But, you’ll have to make sure your logo is properly set up to maximize the imprint area of an item. This requires using a stacked logo on most cases because if you use a linear logo you’ll lose a lot of imprint area. Unless your linear logo happens to be stretched from top to bottom making it bigger and a better option.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen some promotional products become botched jobs because the end-user was expecting their logo to be bigger. When really it would skew the logo if the customer wanted to stretch it to make it larger. Your best bet is to go with a stacked logo, a symbol, or a one-word phrase that can be maxed out within the imprint area.

It’s up to the end-user to provide us with the proper artwork to fill an entire imprint area. Of course, we can make recommendations to help give you the best possible imprint.

Here would be an example using our Lindero Brands logo in a linear version and a stacked version on a promotional bag. You see how the second one, the stacked version of our logo, stands out more so than the linear version. So the logo you provide may play an important part in how well your logo stands out on an item with a large imprint area.

Large Imprint Area - Linear Logo
Large Imprint Area – Linear Logo
Large Imprint Area - Stacked Logo
Large Imprint Area – Stacked Logo

Think About The Imprint Area

Depending on the imprint area a stacked logo might not be a good idea. And you’ll have to go with a liner option. Like, take for instance our drive-in picture frame. Where it’s imprint area is mainly left to right instead of squared. In this case scenario, it may be a better option for a linear logo depending on your artwork and the desired look you’re going for.

Drive-In Polished Picture Frame
Drive-In Polished Picture Frame

So there are two important factors when it comes to decorating on a large imprint area. They are one, the look and size of your logo and two, the imprint area of your promotional product item.

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