Want to learn how to rank a blog post if you’re a newbie at SEO & blogging? Well, it’s quite easy. But, you’ll have to find some low competition keywords or words that have no competition at all. I mean how else are you going to start blogging and rank to get noticed?

You’ve got to start out with the low competition first, get some backlinks, and then start working on medium competition keywords. It’s too difficult to throw yourself out there with a high competition keyword. You’re crazy if you expect to be found and wait for those backlinks to come rolling in. Because it’s not going to happen.You just have to find the right keywords and you’ll do well with a couple of SEO tips to help you get there.

To find your keyword, you can use Google Keyword Planner, this will help you find some low ranking keywords to blog about.

Don’t Overdo It

Meaning you don’t have to write a 3000+ word blog post in order to start ranking on Google. A 200-300 word blog post to get found on Google will do just fine. You can save your 3000+ blog post for when you write your cornerstone content.

Do Optimize Your Blog Post

The WordPress Yoast Plug-In will guide you on your way to optimizing your blog post. Make sure to use transition words throughout your blog post as suggested by Yoast. Keep your sentences shorter than 20 words per sentence. Use internal and external linking.

Make sure your keyphrase is at the beginning of the blog post title, like mine “How to Rank a Blog Post”. Put your keyphrase in your slug or URL and do not use dates in the URL.

As long as you follow the Yoat guidelines in their analysis results you should do well with optimizing your blog post. And getting on page one of Google for those low to no competition keywords or keyphrases.

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