Need to learn how to pick promotional products? It is a process. Let’s not jump on board with those people that think promotional products will just end up in the trash. That’s like saying let’s not send out a product catalog because it will just end up in the trash. Right?

And the only reason your promotional products are ending up in the trash is that they’re not the right products.

You got to sell the promotional products too

One key point about your promotional products is you gotta sell it too. Talk about it and explain why it’s useful. Rave about it and tell people that your clients love these promotional products. That’ll spike interest for it. Don’t just hand it out with unspoken words. Use it as a communication tool.

Pick a product that is useful

This probably is one of the most important and on top of the list on how to pick promotional products. You need to pick a product that is useful. And explain why it’s useful.

Let’s say it’s a refrigerator magnet. You can explain this is the sturdiest refrigerator magnet I’ve ever come across. My clients tell me they love them. The magnet is so strong and it holds up a lot of papers. This is how I would introduce promotional products to a potential client. That will spike their interest and they’d be sure to give the magnet a try on their refrigerator.

If you check out this question from William Farinella on Alignable you’ll see many of the latest answers mention “usefulness”.

What Types of Promotional Products do you Giveaway?  

Pick a product that shows off your brand

Another important aspect of how to pick promotional products is to utilize a large imprint area. Plan your logo out for use on your promotional product. Don’t go with a linear logo when you can go with a stacked logo and utilize the height of a promotional item. See what a difference it makes on the custom coffee mugs below? It’s important to think about the look of your logo when planning to order promotional products.

Linear vs Stacked Logo on a Mug
Linear vs Stacked Logo on a Mug

Pick an industry-specific product

If you don’t want to go with the standard custom pens, coffee mugs, or keychains. Then you can always go with an industry-specific product. Like for instance if you were in the pool cleaning business you could purchase a floating tube with your company’s logo screen printed on it. Or you could purchase a blow-up beach ball customized with your logo on it. It doesn’t have to be a pen or keychain. Use your imagination but also remember the product has to be useful to the end user.

Conclusion, all in all, you want the product to be used as a communication tool, useful, durable, and one that will show off your brand. Don’t be one of those companies that purchase cheap promotional products that don’t even work. Like a custom pen where the ink doesn’t work. Buy a good pen with good ink that’s the type of pen that’s going to be used over and over again. Creating impressions for your business. Don’t purchase promotional products that will just end up in the trash bin.

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