How to get backlinks? That is the question we all want to know. It used to be you could write content to get backlinks but that isn’t the case these days. You have to take a step further than just writing good content.

Use Social Media

If you’ve written content and it’s not being found online then you might want to add social media to the mix. Social media is a great way to get your content recognized by people and grow your following. People will get to know you through social media. This way they’ll remember you and possibly link to your content.

The trick is you’ve got to build relationships and be sociable. Finding other bloggers in your niche is also a great way to connect through social media and get backlinks to your blog. Check out Social Media Today’s blog post that explains 4 ways you can use social media in your link building strategy. They talk about finding niche bloggers, increasing engagement, increasing brand exposure, and building relationships. These are all key points in using social media to gain backlinks.

Otherwise, your content will just be sitting online like it’s waiting for a chance to be shared and linked to. And nobody wants to play the waiting game. Especially when you’ve put so much time and effort into building your blog, your brand.

Ask For Them

You’ve got to ask for them. The worst thing they can do is email you back and say no. But, you can’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Find bloggers that are linking to other bloggers in your industry. The likelihood that they’ll link to you is high since they are linking to your competition.

You can even say, “Hi. I see that you link to so-and-so for the following blog post. I have a similar blog post that covers point A and point B that their blog post does not. Would you consider linking to me instead?” I mean there’s no harm in that right?

This not only helps them by guiding them to which blog post to change but gives them better, more thorough, content to link to.

Use Video

This ties back to social media. But, video is now becoming the way to market your brand using social media. People want to see you and what you have to say. It’s called building a relationship.

They start to realize, hey this person knows what they’re talking about. When I write my blog post about such-and-such, I’ll make sure to link out to them. One, because they remember you and two because they see you as a person of authority in that niche.

And I’m not talking about YouTube unless of course, you want to direct all your links to your YouTube channel. But, putting a real live video on your blog posts. Ones where people keep coming back to your blog to watch. And since you’re directing them to your blog, you’ll start to see backlinks to your blog as well.

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