If you’ve ever worked in the promotional advertising industry then you’d know that everything is a rush. The majority of purchase orders that are sent over have been marked RUSH. Why? Because ordering promotional products is like ordering last minute Christmas gifts. People will even pay big money to rush an order through. I’ve seen rush charges as high as $150 for one order before. So for what other reasons is everything a rush in the promotional advertising industry?


I’m guessing because it has to do with the company’s budget. Maybe it’s the last of the budget, whatever may be left over is available to spend on promotional products. If that’s the case then it will take time figuring out that amount. And will most likely need management approval.

Waiting on other people for approval could delay your order getting placed and into production. Which is why you will incur a rush charge to meet your event date.


Could be that there’s a deadline to meet for an event. And your promotional product supplier’s production timeline doesn’t meet that deadline. As we all know the promotional product industry is a deadline-driven business. That would explain why so many rush charges are incurred for deadline-driven orders.

And if it’s a deadline order and you’re incurring a rush charge then more than likely it is due to lack of planning.

Lack of Planning

Yep, I said it. There was a lack of planning on your part to get that order over to your promotional product supplier. Lack of planning can get you every single time. You keep on saying I’ll do it tomorrow over and over again until it’s that time.


Let’s just face if it’s not lack of planning, a deadline, or budget reasons, then it’s just plain old forgetfulness. You totally forgot to order promotional products for your company event.

As you can see there are plenty of reasons as to why rush orders are incurred on promotional product orders. According to commonsku, more than 40% of orders in the promotional products business are rush orders based on PPAI’s studies through the years.

Statistic: 40% Of Promotional Product Orders Are Rush Orders
Statistic: 40% Of Promotional Product Orders Are Rush Orders

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