If you want to know the dos and don’ts about promotional products then you should be reading this article. Because picking out promotional products isn’t as easy as it may seem.

1. Pick a Useful Item

DO pick an item that is useful for your end-users. The more useful the more likely your targeted audience will use them. Which means the more impressions you’ll get out of your promotional product.

DON’T quickly pick an item that you won’t even use yourself. Or that you think would most likely end up in the trash bin.

2. Pick a Durable, Good Quality Item

DO pick an item that is durable and good quality. Good quality items go a long way as your promotional item. Good quality items are useful items. And we all know useful items generate more impressions than otherwise.

DON’T pick a cheap item just for the sake of spending money on a promotional giveaway. Think of your giveaways as valuable promotional products. Your promotional item should be within budget but not cheap enough so that it is not useful to the end-user. Like a custom pen with poor quality ink. Think of upgrading your ink refills to better quality.

3. Pick an Item with a Good Imprint Area

DO pick an item that has a good imprint area. Where your logo can stand out on the item of your choice. Make sure to use a stackable logo for those imprint areas that that are larger in height and a linear logo for those that are longer in width.

DON’T use an item where your logo won’t stand out. Don’t forget to use the maximum imprint area. And utilize the front and back of an item for optimum exposure.

4. Pay Attention to your Targeted Audience

DO think about your targeted audience and who would benefit from your products and/or services. These are the people you want to be recipients of your promotional products.

DON’T pass out promotional products just for the sake of handing them out to anybody and everybody. You’ll burn through your giveaways in no time at all and with little ROI. You need to think about your ROI when it comes to promotional products.

5. Pick an Industry-Specific Product

DO pick an product specific to your industry. This will help the targeted end-users remember your line of work. A useful, industry-specific product with a large imprint area for your promotional giveaway.

DON’T pick items that are not specific to your industry. For example, don’t pick a heart-shaped refrigerator magnet for a pool service company. They are unrelated. A heart-shaped refrigerator magnet could be used for people in the medical industry or part of the American Heart Association.

6. Plan Ahead

DO plan ahead for your promotional products. Especially if you have a conference or convention coming up. You don’t want to end up hit with a rush charge on your order. And spending money on expedited shipping fees.

DON’T be so rushed that you overlook all of these key points. Make sure you have enough time to be selective on your promotional product and don’t settle. You’ll be happy you did.

Conclusion, these are all the dos and don’ts about promotional products you should consider before making your purchase. Remember all these key points and you’ll be successful at picking out the perfect promotional product that you’ll end-users will love.

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