I had a client contact me recently to have their company logo placed on a custom-shaped keyholder. They even sent me an example, see below:
Riekes Equipment Keyholder Side 1 Riekes Equipment Keyholder Side 2

My client wanted a similar look and feel, but with the custom shape of their corporate logo. So I mocked up this example and sent it over to my contact on Alibaba for a custom promotional order. My client specifically wanted it made out of rubber so they could wipe off grease when they get dirty. Shouldn’t be too difficult right?

Fitzgerald Equipment Keyholder Side 1 Fitzgerald Equipment Keyholder Side 2

Flat or Raised Effect?

After working with the manufacturer, we were able to get all the final details approved. All but one last tidbit. The manufacturer asked if we wanted the 2D effect on the keyholder to be raised or flat. We had originally decided that silkscreen imprint wasn’t a good idea as it could be rubbed or scratched off the rubber material. And the manufacturer agreed. So now the question was would we go with the 2D raised or flat effect? The manufacturer sent me some samples of both. Here they are…

Rubber Raised Effect
Raised Effect on Rubber
Rubber Flat Effect
Flat Effect on Rubber

Neither one we were happy with, but we decided to go with the flat effect on the rubber since we wanted the keyholders to be easily wiped off of grime. So I informed the manufacturer of our decision only to hear back that their production department said we cannot do your logo in flat effect because there are some small letters and they will not be colored. So for now?we can only do it in a raised effect like the sample pictures we sent you before. Will this be okay? Well, um, no.

After going back and forth we’ve finally decided and agreed to printing on the keyholders. Stay tuned for an image of the finished product coming after Chinese New Year.

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