Did you know custom t-shirts are the number one sought out promotional product according to Google Search? Yes, it’s true! It by far had the most Google Searches on the internet with a whopping 334,100 searches per month. Followed by the next most popular promotional product, custom mugs, with 55,300 searches. There’s no question about it, custom t-shirts have dominated the promotional product industry. When asked which is the most effective promotional giveaway, custom t-shirts wins hands down. But why?

They Have a Large Imprint Area

You have plenty of room to advertise your business on the front and back of a t-shirt. With such a large imprint size you’ll have no problem showing off your business logo and slogan if you have one. Custom t-shirts are mainly screen printed, you can even do discharge printing for a much softer feel.

Make sure to maximize your imprint area as much as possible. Having a large imprint area helps your logo stand out and get noticed.

According to Credence Research, the custom t-shirt printing market is expected to cross US$ 10 billion by 2025.

They are Useful

Everybody can use a t-shirt, they are one of the most useful promotional products out there. And they really can be purchased regardless of what industry your business is in. The more useful the product the more effective it is for your promotional advertising campaign. And let’s face it we don’t like the idea of promotional products being discarded in the trash bin. In fact, the average length of time a consumer keeps a custom t-shirt is 14 months. That’s a long time.

They Have More Impressions

Having custom t-shirts as your promotional product for your business is a great way to get your company impressions out there. It’s walking advertisement. What better way to advertise your business then having people wear your company branded t-shirts?

It’s said that custom t-shirts generate 3,400 impressions because it’s often worn in public places.

They’re Affordable

Most businesses, even small-size businesses should be able to purchase custom t-shirts at a reasonable price. If they weren’t so affordable, well then they wouldn’t be selling like they are. Even start-up companies might want to consider purchasing custom t-shirts for their promotional product needs. Your price really starts going up when you start adding multiple colors to your logo or you want to add multiple locations to your t-shirt. Like decorating on the front and the back of a t-shirt. You’ll be looking at additional setup fees and additional run charges for each color and location you add.

People Might Buy Them

If your brand is well-known people might actually buy your custom t-shirts from you. I know I’ve purchased custom t-shirts from well-known restaurants to give out as gifts for the holidays. You could keep an online store of all your branded apparel. And even make a profit off of them. It then becomes a win-win when you have the end-recipient wanting to buy your advertising product from you.

Do you have custom t-shirts for your company? How well do they do for your promotional product needs?

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