Thinking about buying custom mugs as your promotional product gifts? They really are the perfect promotional product to giveaway. You might want to think of a great way to hand out these mugs to your customers. Why? Because they are such an exceptional gift.

You Can Get Personal with Them

One of the great things about custom mugs is you can get personal with them. Have a corporate meeting and give them out as gifts for the attendees to use. This will go over very well. Have a cup of coffee with your clientele in your very own branded coffee mugs. And while you’re at it include a catered brunch while you have that cup of coffee.

They’re Reusable & Useful

Your clients or potential clients can keep their custom mugs in the office and reuse them as often as they like. It’s even said that people get emotionally attached to their favorite coffee mug. I find this to be true, I especially wouldn’t like it if I found a co-worker drinking out of “MY” coffee mug.

They Make a Big Impression

Do you have a favorite coffee mug? Probably so. As people are creatures of habit, ones that would reach for the same coffee mug every day and have a cup of coffee every single morning. Imagine how many impressions you can have with your coffee mugs in the office.

I’ve always said large imprint areas do very well as promotional products. And even more so when you have multiple locations to decorate. In any case, coffee mugs make a big impression with their large imprint areas on both sides of the mug.

People are Coffee Drinkers

Americans are drinking more coffee than ever. According to Reuters, their survey found that 64 percent of Americans drink a cup of coffee every day, up from 62 percent in 2017, and the highest percentage since 2012. That’s a lot of coffee drinkers. So you really can’t go wrong with buying custom coffee mugs as your promotional giveaway.

They can be Regifted

If you’re one of those 36 percent that doesn’t drink coffee, then coffee mugs are great items to be regifted in the office. Regifting only spreads the word about your company brand in a positive way. And why not be okay with regifting if it gets in the hands of somebody that will use the product.

You Can Fill It Up

Not only can you fill up coffee mugs, with well…coffee. But, it can be filled up with even more gifts inside, like candy, chocolates, or a Starbucks gift card. Go beyond the gift of just a coffee mug if it fits in your budget. Stick a business card inside the mug or a thank you letter to your client. The possibilities are endless. Here are 15 easy gifts you can put in a mug to give you a few ideas.

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