What is the difference between corporate gifts and promotional products? There’s actually a big difference. The two happen to be so opposite each other. While one is a promotional giveaway the other is a gift of gratitude.


You’ll find that with promotional products you’re looking at spending under $10.00 per piece ideally since it’s considered a giveaway. And with corporate gifts you’re more than likely to spend $25.00 to $50.00 for an individual gift. So you can see there’s a big difference in spending when it comes to your corporate gifts and promotional products.

That’s why with corporate gifts you might want to be selective as to who will receive a gift. Maybe narrow it down to the top 100 clients that have done business with you. If you so happen to have that many clients.


Also, you’ll find that corporate gifts are given sporadically or on special occasions like during the holidays. While promotional products are part of your everyday marketing campaign. You definitely won’t see me handing out corporate gifts as a promotional giveaway.

Most corporate gifts will be given out during Christmas or the New Year. Maybe once or twice a year if that. But, make sure the frequency of your promotional products is much higher than that. You should be handing out promotional products on a regular basis throughout the year.


The purpose of a promotional product is to show off your brand and get recognized by your target audience. Promotional products are given away in hopes it will be used and noticed. Whereas a corporate gift is more personalized and given to a current client as a way to say thank you. And possibly open the doors for communication. Promotional products are a good sales tool while corporate gifts are a good communication tool.

Promotional products are given out in hopes to make a lot of impressions. Whereas a corporate gift is just expected to be given and kept by the recipient, without expecting any impressions to be made. Although, possible.


You’ll want to make sure that the promotional products you hand out are useful. That way you’ll be sure to get a lot of impressions out of them. Some of the most useful promotional products are custom t-shirts, bags, mugs, hats, sunglasses, pens, keychains, and water bottles. All of these would be good examples of useful promotional products.

Your corporate gifts don’t need to be so much useful but just meant to impress the recipient as a way to say thank you. So, you can be much more selective when it comes to your corporate gifts than your promotional products.


For promotional products, you’re not just going to hand out to anybody. You want to be somewhat selective to your recipients. Just think about who your target audience is and those that fall into that description should be a potential recipient.

Whereas for corporate gifts, your recipients are going to already be clients of yours. Corporate gifts can even be handed out to employees and vendors to show appreciation or to recognize their hard work in the workplace.

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