After migrating Magento 1 data to Magento 2 data we were getting error messages in the backend of Magento. These error messages were occurring for both products and customers when using the filter. Or when trying to access the last page of the product list or the last page of the customer list. The error message said: Attention Something went wrong. Something went wrong with processing the default view and we have restored the filter to its original state. And then it would get stuck in an infinite loop.

To clear the error message we had to go to the Magento 2 database in phpMyAdmin and look for the table ui_bookmark. Within this table, we needed to delete the namespace product_listing for products and customer_listing for customers. Once these rows were deleted we were able to access the modules without the infinite loop occurring. But, this did not solve our problem. And this was going to be a headache when having to look for a product or customer to update a file.

Product Listing: Attention Something Went Wrong

To fix the product listing, we had to access the catalog_product_entity and look for a product with a NULL sku. Then change the NULL sku to something other than NULL. Once this was resolved within the table the backend of Magento was working correctly. Meaning, I was able to do a filter of the product listing and I was able to access the last page too. The error message no longer appeared.

Customer Listing: Attention Something Went Wrong

To fix the customer listing, we had to access the customer_entity table and the customer_grid_flat. The error was occurring because the customers were showing up for a different store view. A store view that was not imported during the Magento migration. Because we only migrated one store we had to change the website_id field and the store_id field from their store number to store number 1. Once this change was made the error message was cleared. We were now able to do a filter of the customer listing and access the last page.

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