My thoughts on 200-300 word blog posts and why they’re good enough for Google.

If you’re new to SEO then you’ll know there are many avenues you can take when it comes to optimizing your site. You’ve even seen those blogs posts that tell you the 200 ranking factors to get your site on Google this year (year notated). But do we really need to put all our efforts into those 200 ranking factors in order to rank? I think not.

Just like they say it matters how many words are in your blog post in order to rank well on Google. This too I disagree with. And guess what Yoast SEO will agree with me too. Like right now I have a red light telling me that the text contains 117 words. “This is far below the recommended minimum of 300 words. Add more content.” But, in fact, when I reach 200 words in my blog post I’m still able to get a green light. Of course, once I have satisfied all the other Yoast requirements. So what does this tell you? That 200-300 word blog posts are good enough!

Not everyone can come up with 3000+ words in a blog post like Neil Patel. I’ve actually have written an article over 1500+ words and it starts to get hard to manage especially if you’re writing it in WordPress. Nevertheless, I’m sure Google doesn’t care that your article is 300+ words or 3000+ words.

It really all has become a popularity contest. And how do you get your articles or your website to become popular? With a little bit of everything. Like the featured image in this blog post suggests: content + social media + SEO + website blog + relationships = online marketing.

Even Google tells you…

The key to getting more traffic lies in integrating content with search engine optimization and social media marketing. -Google

And that happens to be my 200-300 word blog post on the subject. Plus a couple of extra words, but who’s counting?

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